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Orange Peel is the story of two sisters, Amira and Linda. These two British-Algerian women couldn’t be further apart on the social spectrum.

Amira is due to be married to a nice Algerian man, all while spending her days as a primary school teacher. Linda on the other hand has rejected her traditional family and is trying to discover what comes next.

As the hot London summer nights roll from one to the next, Linda pesters Amira in every way imaginable and the women uncover some dark truths and colourful coincidences, eventually posing the question: who’s on the right track and who’s fallen off?

Come along to a free rehearsed reading of this upcoming play!

When: Friday 24th May 7.30-9pm

Where: The Cabin, St. Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PL

What to expect: The current draft of Orange Peel will be performed script-in-hand, to help with the development of the piece. There will be a short Q&A at the end where we would love for you to let us know your thoughts on the show so far.


Mixed Tape // Volume One is the first of Lemon House Theatre’s scratch nights, which support writers in seeing their work staged through script-in-hand performances, with the chance to receive feedback from a live audience.

This first edition of Mixed Tape will feature four short plays by emerging writers who identify as mixed race/ dual heritage. Each play will be responding to the idea of ‘Identity’ in different ways, whether that’s about their own individual identity or their take on the identity of a cactus living on Mars…

This night is about supporting artists to take risks and experiment with their work, with this showcase being a celebration of not just that work, but also of artists who are too often underrepresented on the stage.

Come along to see the work of these writers be brought to life at an informal rehearsed reading, with their pieces exploring what exactly identity means to them.

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When: Tuesday 9th July 2019

Where: The Hall, St. Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PL

Previous Shows

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This is Gabi & Astrid’s story. They just can’t agree on how to tell it.

26-year-old Gabi wants to talk to you about her breakup with 23-year-old Astrid. But what can she do when her ex-girlfriend crashes the stage to say she’s been telling the story wrong?

Throughout Lemon & Honey, Gabi and Astrid explore the fault lines in their relationship, and their (very) different views on the fallout of events.

Lemon & Honey looks at how we tell our own stories, and what happens when someone you love doesn’t play the part you expect them to.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the rehearsed reading of Lemon & Honey in April!

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