Lemon House Theatre
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About us


About Us

What type of work will you be making?

We love making theatre that celebrates the uniqueness of what theatre is: the live nature of it, it’s ability to engage with people from all walks of life, and the audience-performer relationship. The aim of Lemon House Theatre is to therefore make vibrant theatre that creates conversations between artists and audiences.

Ultimately, we want to question what theatre is, who makes it, and who it’s for.

Why ‘Lemon House’ Theatre?

We choose to have ‘House’ in the name as we want the company to be a community hub where creatives feel free to take risks and experiment, with development & support of artists being a key part of what we do. And ‘Lemon’ is because we wanted something vibrant, as theatre shouldn’t be stagnant or passive. Instead, we want to create work that’s experimental in its form, involving the audience and continuing the conversation off stage.

Who is involved in the company?

Lemon House Theatre was founded by Jennifer Cerys and Samia Djilli, who met while working at the London Playwrights’ Blog, a site that helps support emerging play writers and theatre makers. Jennifer and Samia are the Co-Artistic Directors of the company, and are pleased to have recently been joined by Natalie Pulfer, who is Lemon House Theatre’s Administrator & Marketing Assistant. You can find out more about the people who make up Lemon House Theatre on our Meet The Team page.